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Perka Steel buildings 8500

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The PERKA MODEL 8500 is an all-purpose model number for any frame type or shape that incorporates a curved or arch truss style. This is THE model of choice for anyone wanting an aesthetically or architecturally unique and creative look. While a few decades ago we might have seen many arena type buildings made with Arched Wood trusses, time has shown these to be not as durable as once thought, but also a lot more expensive than standard gable pitch type roofs. That being said, PERKA can create a very affordable arched super structure design, while still using the HYBRID building concept. With Perka’s in-house Engineering and design team, you can modify and customize this frame to meet virtually ANY design/look preference. The 8500 can also be easily combined and married up with ANY other model to create unique and pretty interesting designs. Perka’s unique pre-punched, pre-welded clip on the inside flange of their columns offers the builder/DIY an easy way to apply wall strapping that can finish BOTH outside and inside walls without having to build “another building” on the inside like you would have to do with most ALL STEEL rigid frame type applications.

The bottom cord can also be designed such as to allow you the opportunity to add bottom cord clips to attach strapping to create an arched ceiling with upper attic type space to run conduit or ductwork. Bays are typically spaced 10′ to 18′ apart which still allows for plenty of unobstructed space above in between each mainframe. This type of frame design has been used for acoustic sound/music stages, arenas, large storage, places of worship, multi-story homes, business and even commercial or institutional uses. Limited only by the imagination, if something can be drawn, then a structure can be made and at a cost that is still very affordable!

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