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Till-Ease Chisel Model 543

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Darryl's Stuff offers the Till-Ease line of pull behind tillage equipment. Currently the Model 543 chisel plow/field cultivator and Models TP2148 and TP3272 cultipackers make up the product line but new products and accessories are being designed. Let the Model 543 work for you to create that trophy deer or wildlife food plot, new lawn or garden. In many cases the standard tow behind ATV disk harrow or ATV field cultivator with spring shanks can only create a shallow seedbed. The Till-Ease is equipped with rigid shanks which are capable of easily creating deep seedbeds which in many cases translates to a stronger, faster growing crop. The Model 543 can also be equipped with an optional drag harrow and a turning shovel kit for working in sod conditions. Let the Model TP2148 or TP3272 cultipacker provide the proper seed to soil contact. That translates to faster more dependable seed germination. The Model TP2148 is made up of 21 individual agricultural quality cast iron packer wheels and the Model TP3272 is made up of 32 packer wheels. The Models TP2148 and TP3272 have been designed to be used as a pull type unit, flip over or a 3-point tractor mount, all in the same unit. Do you need a building or shed to store this new tillage equipment? Ask Darryl for more information on sheds.

Till-Ease Model 543 Chisel Plow: 43" wide Chisel Plow / Cultivator with rigid shanks, cutting coulters and electric lift. Very aggressive top of the line ATV tillage tool capable of deep tillage work. Base Model $2,395 Optional Drag Harrow $315 Optional Turning Shovel Kit $65

43″ wide Chisel Plow / Cultivator with rigid shanks, cutting coulters and electric lift. Very aggressive top of the line ATV tillage tool capable of deep tillage work.

Features (specs, highlights, etc)

  • 43″ Tillage Width
  • Electric Lift with ATV Operator Controls
  • 5 Front Cutting Coulters
  • Rigid Shanks for Better Ground Penetration
  • Till up to 6″ Deep
  • Narrow Chisel Points & 9″ Wide Field Cultivator Sweeps Included
  • Pull with ATV’s, UTV’s and Small Tractors

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